workflow for vr content production

HoneyVR follows a streamlined workflow to ensure our artists can work efficiently when creating their VR films. Here is a basic outline of the workflow followed when creating content for HoneyVR:

Step 1: Submit Proposal.  Once you’re ready to submit a proposal for a VR work, simply fill out the submission form and we’ll be in touch with feedback very shortly. You can submit a proposal for adapting an existing work or creating a new work. In either case, we’ll work together collaboratively to ensure both the artist and HoneyVR are confident that the work will shine in the context of VR.  

Step 2: Sign Contract.  Once we decide to proceed with your work, we will send over our contract for your review.  We process all contracts through Docusign.  Our contract  is simple and provides the artist with robust promotional rights to the virtual reality work including film festival submissions and portfolio display, while HoneyVR retains commercial distribution rights. If you have already signed a contract with us, starting with your 2nd work we'll simply send you a 1 page addendum to cover the new VR work.

Step 3: Get in Basecamp.  We provide all artists with access to our Basecamp project management software, which will be ground zero for communications between you and the HoneyVR team while you work on your VR film project. Once you get to Basecamp, you'll need to complete intermediate steps such as providing a storyboard, still-renders, and playblasts / test animations. The HoneyVR team gives you immediate feedback on all of these steps within Basecamp to ensure your project's ultimate success.

Step 4: Final Delivery.  Once you have fully completed the work, you can deliver the final MPEG-4 to us via our account or you can apply to our render-farm where we will render the project. We pay artists within 7 days of receipt of the final work. You will receive ongoing royalty payments every month as your content is viewed within the HoneyVR app.