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HoneyVR has it all, from intense virtual reality content like VR roller coasters and horror films to calmer titles like documentaries and meditative/abstract experiences!  Experience another reality, professionally produced in stereoscopic 360 video!

What are VR films?

Virtual reality films are films meant to be watched in a virtual reality HMD (head mounted display). The films are created using stereoscopic 360-video technology, which creates a video that can be viewed in 360 degrees within an HMD while giving the same depth perception found in a 3D film.  VR films are far more immersive and entertaining then standard films, and are generally much shorter due to a higher level of emotional and sensory intensity. If you haven't tried a VR film yet, we recommend doing so today for one of the most entertaining experiences you will ever have!


how are vr films created?

Stereoscopic 360-video can be created using either computer graphics programs or spherical stereoscopic camera rigs. In the case of computer generated graphics, artists use standard programs like Maya and Blender, combined with specialty plug-ins and processes in order to create high-quality stereoscopic panoramic frames for the animation. Once the content has been created, it's rendered using the HoneyVR Render Farm, then post-processed and encoded with our custom VR production workflow. Finally, scoring and sound effects are created with spatial audio techniques to complete the VR film production.


can i create vr films for honeyvr?

If you are a talented 3D animation artist or a filmmaker with experience working with stereoscopic 360 video, please check out our Hive program for VR filmmakers. The Hive is a fully compensated platform for artists to create VR content for HoneyVR, and includes expert ongoing guidance from our team as well as free access to the HoneyVR Render Farm to render out the final 4K stereoscopic 360.