vr short films

HoneyVR Short Films are 360° video-based animated films or live action films which allow the user to be fully immersed with the characters and story. Check out some examples of VR Films by HoneyVR artists. 

Animated short films can often be adapted for the virtual reality medium by re-working the camera angles/cuts and re-rendering the scenes as 360° equirectangular content as per HoneyVR’s Content Specs and Best Practices.  You can create an animated VR film with any popular CG software package, and we highly recommend using rendering tools with native support for spherical cameras such as Arnold, V-Ray, and Cycles. For live action VR short films, the footage must be be shot in stereoscopic 3D using 360° filming techniques such as spherical multi-camera rigging and video stitching.

The key to producing short films for VR is to conceptualize the film as a series of VR Experiences! Please ensure that each scene in your short film can be classified into one of the categories for HoneyVR Experiences listed in the VR Experiences section. This will ensure that your short film is VR-ready.   

Some examples of what we mean:

Dialog Scenes: If you have a scene with dialog taking place between multiple characters in a given setting, rather than doing camera cuts between the characters as they speak, please translate the scene into an Eye Witness or Character POV style Experience. With Eye Witness style, the camera can be placed nearby and eye-level with the characters, while the viewer observes the dialog as if he was there. With Character POV style the camera can replace the head of one of the characters, so the user feels like he's participating in the dialog.

Action Scenes: If you have a large battle scene between 2 armies, you can start the scene with an Environments style experience which lets the user “fly” overhead and watch the armies from afar in the context of the landscape, then you can transition to an Eye Witness, Tag-along, or Character POV style experience to let the user be immersed in the battle action.