VR roller coasters & thrill rides

Virtual reality can capture the thrill of amusement park rides like roller coasters and other thrill rides.  Consumers absolutely rave about this category of VR content due to its ability to recreate some of the intense feelings associated with roller coasters from the comfort of your own home. VR roller coasters also have the ability to transport you to surreal environments and ride experiences which could never be achieved in the real world.  Read on to learn more about what we mean!

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traditional rides, with a twist.

HoneyVR brings you a wide selection of traditional VR roller coasters and other thrill rides, each with it's own unique twist.  For example in 7 Sins, the roller coaster passes through various phases each dedicated to a different biblical deadly sin.  In Space Coaster, you're coasting through a bizarre alien world  and in X-Coaster you'll find yourself in the most futuristic virtual reality roller coaster experience imaginable, complete with drone copters and stunning futuristic visuals.


fantasy rides only possible in vr.

We've created many VR thrill ride experience that are far from traditional.  In Gravity Runner, you're suspended high above the ground in a custom zip-line chair attached to a cable suspension system.  Strap in for the ride of your life as you zip along an urban industrial landscape with plenty of action at each turn!


With offices in Los Angeles and Denver, HoneyVR is the leader in highly immersive, stereoscopic 360° video-based VR content.  We partner with acclaimed artists and filmmakers from around the world to produce and distribute visually stunning and incredibly entertaining VR films. We live, eat, and breathe virtual reality!

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