VR horror FILMS

The secret is out -- virtual reality is absolutely the scariest entertainment medium ever conceived. If you have ever tried a good VR horror film or experience, the chances are fairly high that you couldn't complete the experience due to the intensity level. Virtual reality horror, when well done, is truly terrifying. Stereoscopic 360 video gives you nowhere to hide -- there's no comfortable separation like when watching a horror film on your TV screen. Rather, with VR horror you are fully immersed by the perceived threats and it can be jarring. HoneyVR brings you the largest selection of horror VR content, and we're adding more every month.

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you're chained to a wall.

And it's dark. Very dark.  You hear nothing but horrendous moaning from the distance. Then, a faint light in the distance indicates you've found yourself in some sort of underground complex.  What happens next is unspeakable.  This is the story of Chosen, a VR horror film.  


you're lost in the amazon.

When you and your lover get lost while on an expedition in the Amazon, things take a very dark turn.  You find yourself in Paititi, the legendary lost city of the Amazon.  But there's no time to celebrate the find, as an imminent threat to your life arises and a grisly conclusion takes shape in this VR horror film.


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Check out more VR films by HoneyVR!