HoneyVR believes in virtual reality as an extreme fun and ultra-immersive method of learning.  In fact, educational VR content may be the most fun and effective learning method ever conceived. Once you try it for yourself, you will immediately understand the power of immersive learning via stereoscopic 360 video VR content.  Educational material comes to life like never before!

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step back in time

Virtual reality films are an amazing medium to explore different historical eras and events.  No other medium can compare to the richness of experiencing another time in stereoscopic 360.  HoneyVR's historical documentary content includes "1906", which brings viewers to turn-of-the-century San Francisco just prior to the major earthquake.  Other historical VR titles include "Black Flag," a VR documentary which immerses you in the age of pirates, "Cambodia 1975" and many more!


explore famous places

Only virtual reality films allow you explore far away places as if you were there.  In "Fushimi Inari," we bring you to an ancient Shinto shrine in Japan dedicated to the rice god Inari.  Stroll through the famous torii path as you listen to traditional meditative Japanese music and hear the authentic sounds of the famous Shinto shrine. 


don't just learn it, feel it.

VR films give you an emotional and sensory connection to the subject matter in a way that could never be achieved via other methods.  In "Opportunity: An Exploration of Mars," you'll experience the journey of the Opportunity Rover from it's earth launch to landing on Mars, to finally exploring actual land formations in Mars as if you were the Rover.  Feel the stark beauty of the Red Planet and the power of what some call NASA's most successful mission of the modern era.


With offices in Los Angeles and Denver, HoneyVR is the leader in highly immersive, stereoscopic 360° video-based VR content.  We partner with acclaimed artists and filmmakers from around the world to produce and distribute visually stunning and incredibly entertaining VR films. We live, eat, and breathe virtual reality!

Check out more VR films by HoneyVR!