vr films for meditation & relaxation

Virtual reality can be an incredible medium for stress relief and relaxation. HoneyVR's selection of meditative and relaxing VR content immerses you in calming visuals and harmonious sounds to create an ethereal experience you'll never forget.  

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vr fractals by julius horsthuis

The HoneyVR collection features multiple exclusive titles by acclaimed Dutch fractals artist Julius Horsthius, a true master of creating visually stunning and meditative fractals-based content.  Julius's VR films bring you through an emotional waterfall from stark and serene to bold and jarring.   Check out Julius's HoneyVR titles including Neogenian, Tomb Morph, Illusions, and more.


journey through the abstract

Take a psychedelic voyage through the galaxy in "Aurora Space Trip" by acclaimed French artist Michel Montagné, or take an emotional journey through the visually twisted mind of Swedish artist Mats Björling in "Displacements".  HoneyVR's collection of meditative VR content is the ultimate escape to a vivid and abstract world.


With offices in Los Angeles and Denver, HoneyVR is the leader in highly immersive, stereoscopic 360° video-based VR content.  We partner with acclaimed artists and filmmakers from around the world to produce and distribute visually stunning and incredibly entertaining VR films. We live, eat, and breathe virtual reality!

Check out more VR films by HoneyVR!