HoneyVR acquires 2 types of VR films from Hive artists, as listed below. Artists can create new works for the program or adapt existing works:

VR Experiences: Ultra-short (~3 mins) animated experiences which provide the user with an immersive and engaging VR experience, but are not complete short films. Examples include guiding the user through a realistic 3D animated landscape or tagging along with a frog in a rainforest. Experiences don’t necessarily require a story or characters, but they must be entertaining and contain dynamic elements. 

VR Short Films:  Animated short films or live-action short films for VR are at least 4 minutes in length and should be thought of as a series of VR Experiences with a common story thread. For animated VR short films, you can often adapt existing works for the virtual reality medium by re-working the camera angles/cuts and re-rendering the scenes as 360° spherical video to HoneyVR’s specs. New works are also always welcome! Only high-resolution CGI works well typically, while 2D and low-poly works do not translate well to VR. 


HoneyVR requires a high-resolution, spherical 360° video MPEG-4 file with a 2:1 aspect ratio as our source file from which we transcode your content to the various VR device platforms. In addition, we require several secondary files such as thumbnails and preview images. Please note that artists can perform all rendering at no cost on HoneyVR’s render farm.

Primary MPEG-4 File

  • Video Track
    • 360° Spherical Video (equirectangular projection)
    • Standard Monoscopic 360 OR Stereoscopic 3D 360. For Stereoscopic; use Top/Bottom configuration: Top (Left Eye) / Bottom (Right Eye). 
    • Aspect Ratio is 2:1 (If Mono; 2:1 overall. If Stereo; 2:1 per eye and 1:1 overall). 
    • Resolution:  4K resolution required.
      • For monoscopic works: 4096x2048
      • For stereoscopic works: 4096x4096 total (4096x2048 Top and 4096x2048 Bottom) 
    • Native resolution only, not upscaled.  Progressive, not interlaced.
    • Framerate: 24 - 60  (we recommend 30) . Emphasize higher resolution vs framerate.
    • Minimum Bitrate: 40,000Kbps
    • Codec: h.264
    • Max Filesize: 20 GB
  • Audio Track
    • HoneyVR produces a professional 6 Channel, 5.1 Surround audio track for your work in order to enhance it for VR, at no cost to you.
    • Optionally you may provide a rough audio track to give guidance to our audio team, or even high quality audio assets for our team to mix into the final 5.1 Surround audio track.
    • If you provide audio assets, you can provide them in standard Mono, 2 Channel Stereo, or 6 Channel 5.1 Surround with the following specs:
      • Format: AAC
      • Profile: AAC-LC
      • Input/Output Buffers Interleaved
      • 16 bit PCM audio buffers
      • Sampling Rate: 32, 44.1, or 48 kHz

Secondary Files

  • Thumbnail: viewed by users when browsing for videos in the HoneyVR app
    • 3840 x 2160  (4K 16:9)
    • 2D, non-spherical image.
    • Should not contain any text -- our design team will add title & credits.
  • Preview Image: viewed by users when selecting your video, prior to playback.
    • 4096x2048
    • 3D, spherical image
    • Should not contain any text -- our design team will add title & credits.
  • Metadata Text File
    • Title
    • Short Description (1 - 2 sentences)
    • Long Description (Up to 1,000 words)
    • Credits