Virtual Reality Surprises at Film Festivals

Everyone here at HoneyVR has been noticing that the latest trend at the hottest ticket film festivals is to strap on your virtual reality goggles. At the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, extremely immersive virtual reality short films like Lost, Birdly, Project Syria stole the show.  "It really starts this year," says Fabian Troxler, a co-founder of Birdly. "People realize you can do so much more than gaming stuff. You can also tell stories."

Our team at HoneyVR  was also excited to see The Tribeca Film Festival, co founded by Robert Deniro is also making a big push with VR films. “VR is really challenging the language of cinema in a big way,” says Ingrid Kopp, director of interactive at the Tribeca Film Institute. “This is the time when the future Martin Scorseses are going to be testing the waters and showing some of their early work in VR.” VR experiences at the festival included the works of the Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, where viewers could strap on an Oculus Rift to go deep-sea diving and play quarterback in a football game.

Facebook has gotten into the action forming their own VR studio of Pixar veterans called Story Studio.  Story Studio premiered its first VR experience “Lost” at Sundance Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival. 

With festivals and fans begging for more VR content, HoneyVR was born. Every day, Hive artists create unique immersive cinematic experiences that explore new possibilities.  Viewers can experience what it’s like to be a pinball traveling through a pinball machine, to be a character in a short story, to fly through the clouds with birds in a flock.  Sky is the limit.