Smell, Taste, and Touch VR?

We all knew we'd see and hear it, but several VR start ups out there are banking on engaging and tantalizing our other senses.  The Tesla Suit , according to their website, will deliver to the wearer the sense of touching and feeling in the virtual world. From the warm breeze of a summer’s day to the sudden impact of a bullet, the sensation of touch will be realized without vibration or noise in a textile that is not bulky or intrusive and can be worn like normal clothing.  Of course there's also T-Gloves.

Now that you've felt VR, want to smell it?  Well a VR start up called FeelReal is working on it.  It's a mask that goes under your Oculus or VR headset and exerts wind flow, hot air, water mist, and even odor generation.  Don't believe me, you can smell it for yourself.

And now get ready to taste the 'Digital Lollipop.'   Nimesha Ranasinghe has developed a prototype to send electrical stimulation to different parts of the tongue to simulate flavors. The users put silver electrodes on the tip of their tongue, connected manually or with Bluetooth to a control computer. The electrodes then transmit non-harmful electrical currents and slight changes in temperature. The varying currency, frequency and temperature stimulate the tongue's taste receptors, producing the illusion of taste.

And tired of sitting down while in your Virtual Reality games, films, or experiences?  A company called Virtuix  has created the Virtruix Omni allowing anyone to stand up and traverse virtual worlds with the natural use of their own feet. Walking and running in virtual reality creates an unprecedented sense of immersion that cannot be experienced sitting down.

HoneyVR is excited for all of the wearable virtual reality gear and  accompanying virtual reality hardware being created.  It will enhance our users experience in the virtual worlds our Hive artists are creating.