VR films that will rock your world.

From adrenaline-pumping VR roller coasters  to deeply immersive documentaries and meditative experiences, our VR films will transport you to another time, place, and reality.  


We partner with acclaimed artists and filmmakers from around the world to produce and distribute visually stunning VR films. Our library consists primarily of high-quality and original CGI-based works delivered in stereoscopic 360° video format for all major virtual reality platforms.

Launching in 2016 on all major VR platforms.

Consumers will be able to access our collection of virtual reality films and experiences via the HoneyVR app, starting in early 2016.  The app will be available for all major VR platforms including Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, Sony Morpheus, Cardboard and HTC Vive.  

Create VR films for us!

HoneyVR partners with CGI artists and filmmakers interested in producing high-quality VR content. Check out our VR content creators area for full details, and join us at the forefront of the next-generation of consumer entertainment!


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